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Cracow Mineral Springs

Its a modern design facility in the same time deeply rooted in a traditions of a place, where you can taste our unique on global scale mineral water discovered in 1898 by Antoni Mateczny.

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Guided Tour

For organized groups Cracow Mineral Springs prepared a special offer that combines educational and tourist aspects together with a visit and tasting of our mineral water which can be finished by a great meal in restaurant. The program includes an optional tour of the Podgórze district (once a separate city, today a district of Krakow) […]

We are open everyday 11:00-18:00

Our grand opening took place at 26.09.2021



Podgórze District Open Days

We would like to invite you on a Podgórze District Open Days, when our place will be open for guests for the first time!

Oficial inauguration of Cracow Mineral Springs

The inaugural event of the Krakow Spa Pump Room

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Cracow Mineral Springs

Cracow Mineral Springs

Wadowicka 1b, 30-347 Kraków

(+48) 792 100 018

Monday- Sunday: 11:00 - 18:00
Mineral Water

Mineral Water

Unique on a global scale mineral water sulphate-chloride-sodium-magnesium-calcium, sulphide. Obtained from sources located in the center of Krakow, discovered in 1898 by Antoni Mateczny.




We supply our waters to hotels, restaurants, catering and SPA.


See the promotional video of Cracow Mineral Springs.

Wdrożenie innowacyjnej technologii uzdatniania wód mineralnych ze złoża Mateczny w oparciu o wyniki zrealizowanych prac badawczych.