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About water

Natural mineral water from Mateczny springs

Our water is unique on global scale thanks to the content of bioelements and minerals, and above all thanks to the proportion they keep between themselves.

It is containing a lot of sulphate, magnesium, calcium, iodide, fluoride and sodium ions and even selenium, called the element of life.

It is a sulphate-chloride-sodium-magnesium-calcium, sulfide water, the age of which is determined at 10,000 years.

In contrast to dietary supplements containing bioelements obtained by chemical method, the microelements contained in mineral water are naturally absorbed by the body.

From the taps of Cracow Mineral Springs flows hypotonic water which means it’s having the ability to be very easily assimilate by the body and naturally absorb it into its cells.

Mateczny Zdrój and Anton

The names are a tribute to the discoverer of the sources of our mineral waters – Antoni Mateczny.
A great advocate of the use of water from the Mateczny springs was an outstanding specialist in medical sciences Prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz.

He appreciated the health properties of our water and recommended using it both therapeutically and prophylactically in the daily diet.

Water of Mateczny springs in the 2nd half of the twentieth century

In the 70-90s of the twentieth century, mineral water from the Mateczny springs was supplied to workers from the Lenin steelworks, so that they could quickly replenish the minerals sweated during hard work.

Mateczny Zdrój and Anton these names are a tribute to the discoverer of our mineral water springs – Antoni Mateczny.

Helf benefits:

Our water is recomended for a prevention and treatment of diseases of the digestive system. I helps maintain healthy gastric mucosa to prevent formation of kidney stones or to dissolve any existing stones. It counteracts the effects of gout, improves intestinal peristalsis, and accelerate metabolism. It is effective in the fight against obesity and eliminates constipation and helps mitigate any irritation of the large intestine. It also lowers cholesterol and suport the proper functioning of pancreas and gallbladder. Our water i salso helpful regarding the prevention and treatment of deisseases of the thyroid gland, and it helps fight against the effects of heavy metal poisoning. Moreover, our water eliminates effects of hangover.

Total content of dissolved minerals - 2282,0 mg/l, pH - 7,9


Calcium (Ca⁺2) - 192,90 mg/l - 25,455% mval
Magnesium (Mg⁺2) - 117,90 mg/l - 25,665% mval
Sodium (Na⁺) - 410,50 mg/l - 47,208% mval
Potassium (K⁺) - 15,73 mg/l - 1,064% mval
Other - 6,37 mg/l - 0,608% mval

Total Cations - 743,40 mg/l - 100% mval


Bicarbonate (HCO₃⁻) - 355,00 mg/l - 15,921% mval
Sulphate (SO₄⁻) - 972,10 mg/l - 55,404% mval
Chloride (Cl⁻) - 369,60 mg/l - 28,450% mval
Fluoride (F⁻) - 1,41 mg/l - 0,203% mval
Other - 1,09 mg/l - 0,022% mval

Total Anions - 1699,20 mg/l - 100% mval