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Cracow Mineral Springs

Cracow Mineral Springs is a modern facility with over a hundred years of traditions, where you can taste extremely healthy, unique on a global scale, mineral water!

You will find us in the picturesque Spa Park, located in the center of Krakow at one of the busiest transport hubs – the Antoni Mateczny roundabout, which bears the name of the discoverer of our sources. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city in the company of nature, enjoying the unique taste of our mineral water.

Visit us in the center of Cracow

Cracow Minerals Springs building is located in the vicinity of the historical building of Antoni Mateczny's health resort. Just like the patients of his balneological SPA a century ago, today you can also experience the extraordinary power of naturally healthy mineral water. Take advantage of our invitation and visit us in the center of Krakow. Discover the health properties of Mateczny Zdrój and Anton water!

Cracow MIneral Springs is also a place for meetings and cultural events. Our goal is to recall the glory days of Antoni Mateczny's health resort, when the Spa Park served not only patients but also the inhabitants of Podgórze and neighboring Krakow.

A facility with over a hundred years of tradition, where you will enjoy extremely healthy, unique on a global scale, mineral water!

Refference to the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Elegant interiors of our building and product graphics refer to the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – the period of discovery of our mineral water sources by Antoni Mateczny. It was a time when Art Nouveau reigned art supreme. Visiting Cracow Mineral Springs you can feel the extraordinary atmosphere of the turn of the centuries and indulge in tasting water served in tasteful ceramic mugs or cups, surrounded by park nature. It is also possible to purchase bottled water, spilled on site, in specially glazed rooms that allow observation of the entire process.

Who was Antoni Mateczny

One of the fathers of polish balneology, primaly Anton Matečzny

Czech by origin - settled in Podgórze (separated town until 1915; current district of Krakow) at the end of the nineteenth century. In 1898, unexpectedly during construction works, he came across a specific in smell source of sulphate water. As a regular visitor to Czech SPAs, he was well aware of the extraordinary importance of his discovery. After confirming the healing properties of water, already in 1905 he created his own health resort, which enjoyed great popularity, not only among the inhabitants of Podgórze. Antoni Mateczny's Sulphate and Brine Water Baths, like today's Cracow Mineral Springs building, was located in the surroundings of the green Spa Park, in which there were alleys with benches, gazebos, and even a picturesque fish pond with a bridge over it. It hosted the inhabitants of Krakow and the surrounding area, artistic Young Poland bohemians, and even such celebrities as Baron Götz-Okocimski or Archduke Habsburg from Żywiec.

Wdrożenie innowacyjnej technologii uzdatniania wód mineralnych ze złoża Mateczny w oparciu o wyniki zrealizowanych prac badawczych.

Implementation of an innovative technology for treating mineral waters from the Mateczny deposit
based on the results of the research work carried out

Project goal: Providing sources of naturally healthy mineral water from the Mateczny deposit with unique features on a global scale, due to the content of bioelements and minerals, and above all due to the proportions they maintain among themselves.