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Three types of Cracow Mineral Springs water

All of our waters are available in non-carbonated and carbonated form

Mateczny Zdrój

Natural mineral water, highly mineralized, rich in sulfate, chloride, sodium, calcium, magnesium, fluoride, iodide and selenium ions.


Moderatly mineralized, produced on the basis of natural mineral water. The treatment process uses the most modern technological solutions to reduce the mineralization of water, while maintaining its natural components.

Anton Fitness

Moderatly mineralized, subjected to additional mineralization, as a result of which a drink is formed ideal for replenishing electrolytes after intense physical exertion.

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Offer for organized groups

For organized groups, we have a special offer that combines educational and tourist values with a visit and tasting of our water in Cracow Mineral Springs building, ending with a delicious meal in the restaurant.

Visiting the Podgórze district

Once a separate city, today a district of Krakow, as part of a thematic walk with a licensed guide, thanks to which we go back in time to the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to the period in history when Antoni Mateczny discovered our unique mineral waters.

Visiting Cracow Mineral Springs

On the spot, we indulge tasting water from Mateczny's springs. As part of the visit, there is a around the place with zones inaccessible on a daily basis combined with a story about the history of the place and the specificity of water.

Lunch in the restaurant "Manufaktura Pieroga"

At the end, we invite you to an excellent dinner in the family restaurant – Manufaktura Pieroga – adjacent to the Cracow Mineral Springs building.

Krakowska Pijalnia Zdrojowa

Estimated time of sightseeing about 3 hours

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