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Podgórze District Open Days

Our grand opening took place on 25.09 during Podgórze District Open Days!

Event program

  • 13.00-16.00
    Entry ticket will be a hat as a part of wardrobe that brings back memories of Mateczny’s Spa
  • 13.00
    „Czech that prefered water over a beer, reminder of a Antoni mateczny person” – Alina Duda
    „Minerals from Nature, benefits of Mateczny’s mineral waters” – Barbara Kopczyńska
    Oficial opening of Cracow Mineral Springs buildind together with citizens of Podgórze
  • 13.40
    Tasting of our mineral water
  • 14.00-15.00
    „in the footsteps of Antoni Mateczny and his patients, education path in Spa Park” – Maciej Tomaszewski
    „Walk to the springs, about water sources and water itself” – Alina Duda
  • 15.00-15.30
    „Hyde Park about water, what should you know” – Barbara Kopczyńska
    „Antoni Mateczny’s historical Spa and old Mineral Springs building” – Alina Duda
    „Our Lady of Perpetual Help, not only about icon” – Maciej Tomaszewski
  • 15.30
    Group photo of all participating in the event