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Guided Tour

For organized groups Cracow Mineral Springs prepared a special offer that combines educational and tourist aspects together with a visit and tasting of our mineral water which can be finished by a great meal in restaurant.

The program includes an optional tour of the Podgórze district (once a separate city, today a district of Krakow) as part of a thematic walk with a licensed guide, during which we go back in time to the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries - to the la belle epoque - period of discovering the sources of our unusual mineral water. Then we visit the Cracow Mineral Springs, where we indulge tasting water from the Mateczny springs. As part of the visit, there is a lecture about the history of Antoni Mateczny's SPA and the specificity of the mineral water he discovered. Finally, we invite you to an excellent dinner in the family restaurant – Manufaktura Pieroga (Polish Dumpling Manufacture) – located in the Spa Park, adjacent to the Cracow Mineral Springs building.